Inedo Media partnered with a broad scope of advertisers from start-ups to some of largest names in the industry like Microsoft and Google.
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Atlassian JetBrains Splunk
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Read for yourself how Inedo Media has helped some of our clients achieve success.

�Inedo Media has been a true advertising partner since we first began working with them. They helped us craft ads that served our needs and the needs of their users, enabling us to quadruple our CTR over the course of our campaign. The Inedo Media team has been a valuable source of information and ideas, and they account for a significant source of traffic to our site. I look forward to continuing to work with them well into the future.�

� Lou Franco, Vice President of Product Strategy, Atalasoft, Inc.

�Inedo Media went the extra mile in analyzing my campaign data so that we learned how and where we should target future marketing efforts. This information wouldn�t have been readily available without Inedo Media�s close inspection. Ultimately, this information proved very useful working with Inedo Media, and throughout our entire company-wide marketing efforts.�

� Scott Bornstein, Software Global Sales and Marketing Director